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Carpet Pythons

Boa Constrictors


Albino T+ Ivory Sulcatas
and Leopcatas Tortoises

Terms and Conditions

LIVE ARRIVAL -  I guarantee all animals to arrive alive and healthy!

PROPERLY SEXED -  All snakes will be properly sexed. Although I have never miss sexed a snake, buyers need to verify snakes to be sexed properly within 48 hour or arrival.

SATISFACTION -  If you are not satisfied with your animal, you may return it at your expense and I will replace it or issue a credit for future purchases as long as notification was received within  48 hours from the animals arrival and the animal arrives back to me in the same great health and condition as it left here in.

DEPOSITS -  I will accept a 25% deposit to place an animal on HOLD.. The deposit is non-refundable!

PAYMENT PLANS -  I will do a payment plan on any order which totals 500.00 or more. I require I minimum of 25% of the total price of the order as a down payment.
Upon receiving the 25% down payment I mark the animal(s) SOLD and you make payments as you as can until the animal(s) are paid off....Payment plans are for 90 days unless otherwise discussed. As soon as the animal(s) are paid off shipping will be arranged.
Under NO circumstances will I ship an animal out before it is paid in full!

Now, for some reason you can't finish the payments and buy the animal, all the money you sent towards paying off the animal is not refundable but you will have it as credit towards purchasing another animal at a later time if you wish!

SHIPPING -  I ship using FED EX and am a FED EX certified reptile shipper.

Shipments are packed in insulated shipping boxes and I use 40 hour heat packs when temperatures are below 65 degrees F and cold packs when temperatures are above 85 degrees F.  I don't guarantee live arrival door to door when temperatures are below 40 degree F and above 90 degrees F unless otherwise discussed.

REFUNDS/RETURNS -  All Sales Are Final!



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