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Carpet Pythons

Boa Constrictors


Albino T+ Ivory Sulcatas
and Leopcatas Tortoises


7/16/12 DH Leopard/Anery II X DH Leopard/Anery II 31 babies born


7/16/12 DH Leopard/Anery II X DH Leopard/Anery II 31 babies bornof the 31 one babies there are 10 leopard boas and 3 of them are the rare AneryII Leopard boas



Babies hatch from Sunglow het for everything X pattern Hypo het for everything




Red Hypo Carpet Python X Red Hypo Jaguar Carpet babies - 21 total hatched on


Hypo 100% Het Leopard Boa X DH albino/Leopard boa 30 babies born


DH Snow Hognose X Anaconda 10 eggs



Sunglow Boa X Motley 100% Het albino boa babies born 21 live 28 slugs



Hognose X Anaconda Hognose lays 11 eggs



HC Tiger Carpet X Red Hypo Jaguar  babies hatch 30 total


Female Texas Scaleless rat X Leucistic Texas rat total 16 eggs


Our 100% het Blood boa gave birth to 23 babies. She was breed to our Hypo 100% het Blood Boa male and we got 6 hypo Blood Boas, 1 regular Blood Boa, and a number of Hypo Boas and Normal Boas all 66% het Blood Boas.


Our gorgeous Patternless Hypo multi het female laid 11 good eggs. She was breed to our Sunglow mutli-het male and again you never knows going to hatch out but they are always phenomenal!


Our mutli-Het Sunglow (hypoXalbino) Bull Snake female laid 10 good eggs. She was bred to our multi-Het Sunglow Bull Snake male. These are always fun to see what hatches because with both male and female Het for 5 different genes, you never know what going to hatch out of the eggs and some of them are so unusual that it is very hard to tell what it is!



Iran Jaya 66% het Granite



Our beautiful Super Tiger Jaguar female layed 10 Big eggs...She was bred to out Tri-Stripe red Tiger male so we will have some killer reduced pattern Super Super Tiger Jaguars!


Our beautiful High Contrast Tiger female layed 31 plus( lost count at 31 eggs) prefect eggs. She was bred to my Trophy Vermylia Red Hypo bright yellow male Jaguar. This pairing last year produce absolutely the most gorgeous Tiger jaguars out there. they sold out fast so if you are interested in any let me know ASAP because they will surely sell out fast again this year.


Our 100% Het granite female IJ that was bred to our 100% Het granite IJ jaguar male, layed 15 Eggs and 2 slugs. Last year this pairing gave us a clutch of 12 eggs and 2 granite jaugars, 1 granite, 4 jaguars 66% het granite and 5 Iran Jaya 66% het granite hatched out.



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