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Here’s how my passion for reptiles all started….

Back in 1963 when I was in the first grade living in Southern California, I fell in love with lizards. When I would get home from school I would run around the house and neighboring fields hunting for the old blue belly scaloporus, blue tailed skinks and southern alligator lizards. But one day when I was in the third grade now living in Santa Barbara California, I was out in a field and spotted a lizard run under a board. When I flipped that board there was a 6-foot gopher snake coiled up under it. I grabbed that gopher snake by the tail! I then walked 2 miles home holding my arm stretched high over my head still holding that gopher snake by the tail while it kept striking at my ankles. Ever since I caught that big old gopher snake I have had the bug big TIME!. But in the middle of my forth grade year my dad got transferred to Hawaii and we lived on the island of Oahu. There are no snakes on the island so I was back to hunting lizards….both introduced species to the Islands, the green anoles and the house geckos. Since I could not hunt snakes on Oahu, I resorted to taking the bus about four times a week to the local library and read every book that they had about snakes over and over again.  Seven years later we moved back to Southern California up in the San Bernardino Mountains at 6300’ elevation in a small town called Blue Jay. I began my hunt for snakes again and found numerous gorgeous Mountain King Snake all around my home and now that I was old enough to drive, I road cruised the deserts finding tons of snakes including Rosy Boas and beautiful desert black and white Kingsnakes. I then decided to try and breed the snakes I was finding and ended up breeding many Kingsnakes and Rosy Boas….

I later went on to enroll in San Diego State University and was able to continue hunting Mountain Kingsnakes in the local southern mountains including the near by Baja California mountains, along with being able to road cruising all the near by deserts in southern California, Arizona and south into again Baja California in my spare time.  I then got my degree Exotic Animal Training and Management.  While I was working on this degree I was volunteering in the Reptile Department at the Los Angeles Zoo. Upon graduating I got hired in the Reptile Department at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas and worked there for many years. I then applied and got hired in the Reptile Department at the Dallas Zoo in Texas.  All the while I kept and bred rare and unique snakes, even tortoises at home…I then opened up a pet shop called the Animal Kingdom in Dallas Texas, which turned, into the largest pet shop in Dallas. I specialized in captive bred animals and reptiles only. Long since sold that pet shop and have been breeding rare reptiles and morphs still to this day thus the birth of the Reptile Odyssey.

A little note on the quality of my breeding stock here at the Reptile Odyssey. I always make sure that I buy the nicest snakes available for my collection paying more to have the “pick of the clutch” or the “Holdbacks”. This helps guarantee that I have exceptional snakes in my collection for breeding and it ensures that the offspring will be the best looking with the best bloodlines available.


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